Chairman’s Planning Guide


Des Moines Art Center Tour

Chapter Name:   Des Moines Jaycees

Project Type:   Educational ID Project

Project Name:   “Art Center Tour ‘97”

Chairman:   Kevin J. Rice, Des Moines, Iowa Jaycees

Chairman’s Address:  1515 - 46th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50311

CPG Category:   Individual Development

Supervising Officer: Dianne Schemmel, Individual Development Vice President, Des Moines Jaycees

Anticipated Project Date/Time:  7:00 pm, Thursday, October 9th, 1997

1.  Primary Purpose (what is the one reason you want to successfully run this project)?

The primary purpose of this project is to enlighten those attending about the fine arts by providing them with a tour of the Des Moines Art Center.

2.  Give a brief description of the proposed project and background information.  Follow this with a listing of the specific and measurable goals to be accomplished by this project.


One of the primary goals of the Des Moines Jaycees is to provide education to our members.  The Des Moines Art Center is the largest and most comprehensively apportioned art museum in the Des Moines area.  Touring it would certainly provide an enlightening experience on the subject of both art as a subject matter and about Iowa-originated art in particular.

Admission to the Art Center is free on Thursdays, the day of this event.  It is also open until 9 pm, later in the evening than other days.

Project Description:

The general plan for the event is as follows:

Who: What: When: Where: Why: Goals:

The specific and measurable goals of the project are:

Less specific and measurable (but nonetheless important) goals are: This project relates to Pinnacle Area 7 of the chapter plan, Life Improvement categeory.

3.  What are the specific personnel assignments?

A. Project Chairperson:
Mr. Kevin J. Rice
1515 - 46th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Home: (515) 255-9981
Work: (use home number)

Chairperson’s responsibilities:

B. Supervising Director:
Ms. Beth Kneeskern
Individual Development Director
Des Moines Jaycees

Supervising Director’s Responsibilities:

C. Vice President in Charge:
Diane Schemmel
Individual Development Vice President
Des Moines Jaycees

D. President of the Des Moines Junior Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Mary Ann Bender
Des Moines Jaycees

The following personnel will be required to run the event:

4.  What specific materials, supplies, and resources will be required?

Specific physical requirements will be:
The Des Moines Art Center will need to be open to the public the day of the event as it normally is.

5.  Describe any potential problems and how they can be prevented:

6.  Complete a proposed budget including all anticipated income and expenses.

None.  Event is Free.
None.  Event is Free.
Zero budget.

Note:  This is a summary.  See detailed budget, attached, for specific numbers.

7.  List specific steps to bring this project to a successful conclusion:

8.  List recommendations for future chairpeople in case the event is run again.

9.  List any revisions that were made to the original plan.

10.  List the specific goals achieved and those that were not achieved. The primary purpose of this project was achieved on October 9th, 1997.

Primary Purpose:  The purpose was to enlighten those attending about the fine arts by providing them with a tour of the Des Moines Art Center.  This goal was met.  Those in attendance were given a guided tour of the Des Moines Art Center and hopefully some enlightenment about its contents and character.

Specifically, the goals were:

Less specific and measurable (but nonetheless important) goals are:

Additional note: This project is probably one of the most widely-publicized in Des Moines Jaycees history, having been published to the World Wide Web to the location Http://
People browsing the web from all over the world can find out about what a fine event this art tour really was!

The project was a success!


Budget Sheet

Art Center Tour ‘97 Chairman's Planning Guide

Income: Expenses:
   Net Gain/Loss:   $0.00

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