Chairman’s Planning Guide


National Convention First Timer’s Session

Chapter Name:  Gladbrook Jaycees
State Organization:  Iowa Jaycees
Project Type:    Training Session
Project Name:    “National First-Timer’s”
Chairman:    Eric Casebolt, Gladbrook Iowa Jaycees
Chairman’s Address:   309 S. 1st Street #3, Marshalltown, IA 50158
CPG Category:   ONTO Program, Administrative.
Supervising Officer:   Kevin J. Rice, Iowa ONTO Program Manager
Anticipated Project Date/Time: 6:45 am on Monday Morning, June 23rd, 1997.

1.  Primary Purpose (what is the one reason you want to successfully run this project)?

The primary purpose of this project is to educate persons attending the 1997 United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting by providing a pre-convention training experience that usefully informs them about the convention in an entertaining manner.

2.  Give a brief description of the proposed project and background information.  Follow this with a listing of the specific and measurable goals to be accomplished by this project.


First Timer’s informational sessions are common at many state conventions across the country.  These sessions are valuable to first-time conventioneers because they provide useful information like: However, the primary piece of information to provide to attendees is that their overall goals at convention should be to: Since the national convention is significantly longer than any state convention, there is an even greater need for a First Timer’s session there.  However, no such program has been run for at least the past 8 years.

With initial response to the idea of a national First Timer’s being overwhelmingly positive, plans were floated to the USJCC in Tulsa about the feasibility aspects.  Their encouragement was likewise enthusiastic.

Project Description

The general plan for the event is as follows:







The specific and measurable goals of the project are:

1. To provide a useful informational session about the USJCC National Convention;
2. To have the session end before the opening session begins;
3. To have at least 50 Iowa Jaycees attending;
4. To have at least 50 non-Iowa Jaycees attending;
5. To earn $1 for Iowa Jaycees ONTO fund (i.e., to run a revenue neutral project);
6. To distribute info booklets and pens to each attendee;
7. To greet each attendee as they arrive with a handshake and a smile.
 Less specific and measurable (but nonetheless important) goals are:
8. To provide an entertaining, fun atmosphere for all attendees;
9. To publicize Iowa as a great place to be a Jaycee;
10. To demonstrate the capabilities of the Gladbrook Iowa Jaycees, a Pop. II chapter with a Population 8 attitude;

3.  What are the specific personnel assignments?

A. Project Chairperson:
Mr. Eric Casebolt
Home Chapter:  Gladbrook, Iowa
309 S. 1st Street #3
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158
Home: (515) 754-1798
Work: (515) 751-1426

Chairperson’s responsibilities:

B. Program Manager:
Mr. Kevin J. Rice
ONTO Program Manager, Iowa
Home Chapter:  Des Moines, Iowa
1515 - 46th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Home: (515) 255-9981
Work: (515) 225-8379

 Program Manager’s Responsibilities:

C. Vice President in Charge:
 Ms. Lori Oakland
 Administrative Vice President, Iowa Jaycees
 Home Chapter:  Des Moines, Iowa Jaycees
 5521 Aurora Ave.
 Des Moines, Iowa 50310
 Home: (515) 251-4917

Vice President’s Responsibilities:

D. President of the Iowa Junior Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Ron Redmon
President, Iowa Jaycees
Home Chapter:  Jefferson, Iowa
304 Grauer St. 50129
Home:  (515) 386-4547

President’s Responsibilities:

The following personnel will be required to run the event:

4.  What specific materials, supplies, and resources will be required?

Specific physical requirements will be:

5.  Describe any potential problems and how they can be prevented:

Q: Not having enough materials for the number of attendees
A: Survey Iowa Jaycees attending convention for a percentage anticipated turnout.  Also, call ONTO chairs from several other states to better anticipate attendance.

Q: Not enough physical meeting room space
A: Have an overflow room big enough for any overflow crowd.

Q: Low attendance
A: Promotional ads in USJCC publications (including the USJCC web site);
A: Include details of event in all ONTO mailings;
A: Put up posters advertising the event on the 2 days prior to the event all around the convention area;
A: Inform all other ONTO managers from other states of the event and provide promotional material to them for them to put up in their hospitality suite;

Q: Income insufficient to cover costs
A: Get as many items donated as possible, (i.e., pens, donuts, duplicating).
A: Minimize expenses per attendee to ease fundraising efforts.
A: Run entire event as cost-plus:  don’t spend until a donation is received.
A: Donuts and juice might have a voluntary $1 donation basket.
A: Don’t purchase pens or donuts if cost is excessive
A: The only required material is the handout booklet.

Q: Guest VIPs don’t show up
A: Confirm VIP’s attendance by sending an initial letter to them describing the event and requesting their presence.
A: Phone VIPs to personally invite them and confirm their attendance.
A: Send a follow-up postcard to VIPs.
A: Confirm VIPs attendance by contacting them as soon as they arrive at the convention location.
A: Structure the event so that VIP attendance is not vital to its success.

Q: Rain on the day of the event
A: Training will be held inside; the skywalk will provide a dry path to the event from any of the hotels.

Q: Insufficient good publicity for for the Gladbrook Jaycees
A: Promotional items mention the sponsor is a Pop. II chapter, with both a hometown welcome and a big-city professional sheen to the execution.

Q: Not enough pens or booklets to distribute to attendees
A: Have at least 500 donated pens and booklets available.  Copying is cheap and hopefully the pens will be donated by a willing company.
A: Give an IOU to those who show up, solicit a “donation” to cover costs, and promise to exchange IOU for an actual booklet later that day; use money to make more copies, and distribute them at a predetermined location and time.

Q: Not enough volunteers to help with event planning and execution
A: Arrange ahead of time with specific people to do specific jobs via a sign-up sheet;
A: Arrange a calling circle to contact members to remind them;
A: Have several backup people to take over in case those assigned have last-minute conflicts;
A: Make sure all Gladbrook members know of the event;
A: Promote event to Gladbrook as a national event that’s “their” project to make shine.
A: Get a carpool going so people can go to the event and still return to Gladbrook in time to work on Monday if they so choose.

Q: No one knows what a great event it was after it occurs
A: Have someone take pictures with a good camera;
A: Have a sign in sheet for all those attending to prove numbers involved;
A: Provide pictures of the event and a good written description to the editors of the Gladbrook newspaper and perhaps the Des Moines Register.

Q: Insufficient advertising materials
A: Have a committee member create some far in advance;
A: Ask USJCC for their assistance in developing material content.

6.  Complete a proposed budget including all anticipated income and expenses.


Donation of Pens    $0.00
Donation of Copying    $200.00
Donations for donuts (37.50 * $1)   $37.50
Donation of Meeting Room space  $0.00
Total Income:     $237.50


Meeting Room space (donated)  $0.00
Donuts (150 at $0.25)     $37.50
Pens (donated, with advert. logo)  $0.00
Copying Costs:      $200.00
Total Expenses:    $237.50

7.  List specific steps to bring this project to a successful conclusion:

8.  List recommendations for future chairpeople in case the event is run again.

Preliminary CPG:  To be completed later.

9.  List any revisions that were made to the original plan.

Preliminary CPG:  To be completed later.

10.  List the specific goals achieved and those that were not achieved.

Preliminary CPG:  To be completed later.

Addendum:  Unresolved Issues

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